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Welcome to The Modern Hue! Welcome to a world of wellness, health and beauty!

My name is Vanessa Ntabona, and I am the founder, owner, and operator. I have owned a private skin care practice since 2006. 

Elegant Esthetics Skin Care was my first venture as an entrepreneur.  Now my spa name is The Modern Hue, and it is located in Northern

Georgia, 40 min from the city of Atlanta.  
Allow me to introduce myself. I grew up in the Upstate New York and played a lot of sports as a kid.
Most of my adult years were spent in Albany NY, where I achieved my bachelors-degree in communication & rhetoric, state board certification in skin care therapy, and state license to be an esthetician in 2005.  For the last 18 years I have assisted thousands of clients improve, correct and manage their skin heath and overall wellness. Transformative results are achieved under my care through one-on-one customized skin care treatments, and premium product recommendations. We consult, treat, recommend home care routines plans, and support you on your journey to glowing skin. 

I believe healing is daily, so I love to work with people who are ready for a total life change.

I have worked with the best-of-the-best, and am proud to be a pioneering Esthetician featured in Milady Cengage textbooks since 2008. Special mention to the companies below that have allowed me space to learn, grow, and innovate the self-care culture as a top skin care therapist:

MAC Cosmetics, Austin Institute, Ulta, Sallies, Origins, American Laser Company, and European Wax Center. With well over 30k clinical hours in the wellness and beauty field I am highly specialized to treatment all stages of acne, rapid aging, sensitive skin, and uneven complexion. 
I initially got into the spa industry to give myself a chance to regain a calm mind, balanced energy, and to develop a way to have clearer skin too.  As young as 15 I suffered with acne. It worsened as I got older to cystic acne, which was devastating, so I understand the impact of troubled skin. I am over 40 years young and I cracked the code on acne and unlocked self-confidence, good living, and super selfcare.  

I have developed many methods to healing the skin, along with the mind and body. For without a holistic approcate to beauty your victory will be short lived.
I am passionate about sustainable natural beauty, glowing vitality, and joyful health.  Thus, I have intertwined holistic-alkaline-living, with advanced natural cosmetics treatments... This infused marriage of healing habits, optimistic mindsets, access to quality plant-based botanical herbs is what I lovingly call The Modern Hue. TMH mentality doesn't live in the past nor look too far into the future. We rather choose to focus on the now and make every day count.  Healing is daily, and that is the real art of esthetics. Like a phoenix we rise dispite the challenge or set back. I am determined to achieve my better version. I understand that life is full of bumps, bruises, and blemishes.
But here at The Modern Hue Skin Care Studio we treat ourselves with love, care, grace, awareness and superfood ingredients.

Your skin does tell a story, it's our job to make sure it tells your desired truth. 
I look forward to working with you! We are now taking new clients!

Warm Regards ~ Vanessa Ntabona
Ower / Master Esthetician / Distributor / Educator 

About the Business

The Modern Hue LLC, formally known as the Elegant Esthetics , is a tried and true professional skin care therapy practice.  This privately owned, upscale, business offers corrective facial treatments of many variety.  In addition to formal skin care, grooming wax services are offered, and makeup artistry and lashes are also on the menu.  The Modern Hue structures its treatments based on each person's individual skin care need(s), skin type, condition, expressed goals, and more. 
The Modern Hue is rooted in the ability to provide five-star customer
service, stellar product selections, and classy professionalism.  The attention to detail as well as being able to customize services is what makes this skin care practice so special and sought out.  Clients enjoy how wellness awareness is infused with each esthetic enhancement service.  The Modern Hue is the next level of professional clinical spa skin care.  Have you ever had your very own personal esthetician that understands you and enjoys helping you enhance your skin's wellness? Well...Now you do!!

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