Vanessa Ntabona


"As a hands on Master Esthetician of 15 years I am passionate about natural beauty and healthy glowing vitality. Here at The Modern Hue treatment spa office I use innovative techniques, clinically approved cosmetics, and natural products to maintain and enhance the face and body, as well as a person's mental outlook. I appreciate both western and eastern approaches to well-being and allure, so I have steeped myself in a diverse study of the art of esthetics.  It's easy for me to find beauty in people, places and things.  People are already beautiful, but it happens far to often that they forget.  Life is neither easy or perfect, but we must try to simplify and perfect it as best we can.  So I am here to remind others to care for their vessel, by feeling and looking good.  Self Care matters. Hygiene, Grooming and Beautification are high on my list of holding yourself accountable.  Wellness, health and beauty are all a part of the human experience.  The Integumentary System, the body's largest organ, the skin - serves us in many ways, we need only protect it and adorn it.  The skin is powerful, its your first line of defense, and yet delicate and sensitive.  Balance is very much the key in the type of work I do.  I understand the skin and mind, and am very aware of their valid connection. To me skin care encompasses finding deep inner peace with ourselves, having comfort in our distinctive physical form, and learning how to handle grooming our unique form at every stage of shade of life. 

Peace and Light and Welcome to the art of esthetics!  I encourage everyone to advance to their most modern selves, I call this THE MODERN HUE"


The Modern Hue, formally known as the Elegant Esthetics , is a tried and true professional skin care therapy practice.  This privately owned, upscale, mobile, and holistic health and beauty business offers facial treatments of a wide variety.  In addition to formal skin care, grooming wax services are offered, and makeup artistry and lashes are also on the menu.  The Modern Hue structures its treatments based on each person's individual skin care need(s), skin type, condition, expressed goals, and more.  The Modern Hue is rooted in the ability to provide five star customer

service, stellar product selections, and classy professionalism.  The attention to detail as well as being able to customize services is what makes this skin care practice so special and sought out.  Clients enjoy how wellness awareness is infused with each esthetic enhancement service.  The Modern Hue is the next level to professional clinical spa skin care.  The Modern Hue is mobile, allowing wellness, health and beauty to visit your house at your convenience or special event.


After her studies at the Aesthetic Science Institute in Latham NY and the International Dermal Institute in New York NY, Vanessa went on to work with Luxury Spas, Medi Spas, MAC cosmetics, Origins cosmetics, Milady and Cengage publisning, Sally Beauty Co., American Laser Co., Austin School of Spa Technology, European Wax Center, and Ulta Beauty Inc.  She can be found in many standard and advanced esthetics and massage national text books and instructional films.  She is among the many pioneers to create and teach cosmeceutical standards in the USA.