Advanced Skin Care and Wellness

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My name is Vanessa Marianne Crewe Ntabona,

and I am the private owner, founder, funder and operator of this dynamic advanced skin care company.

It was first founded in 2006.

I am very much an 80s baby, born on the warm sunny island of Jamaica. I grew up in the winter wonders lands of Upstate New Paltz New York. Most of my adult years were spent in Albany NY, where I achieved my bachelors degree, state board certification, and became state licensed as an Esthetician. Since 2004 I have treated thousands of clients along the entire east coast of the US, teamed with dozens of iconic brands like, MAC, Origins, American Laser Company, Milady Cengage Learning, European Wax Center, Ulta and more.

With well over 33k clinical hours in the wellness and beauty field I can proudly consider myself a skin care expert. 


I have had severe acne too, so I understand problem skin and poor health habits from all advantage points.

I specialize in fixing acne in teens and adults, and have learned many methods to healing the skin, along with the mind and body. I am passionate about natural beauty, glowing vitality, and human health and so as Master Skin Care Therapist I have merged health, alkaline living, with natural cosmetic beauty... I call this The Modern Hue.

I perform professional clinical skin care serves as well as offer premium product retail that holistically treats: acne, dry skin, sensitive skin, premature aging, uneven pigmentation, stress, excess weight gain, malnutrition and daily aches and pain.

I assist people in gaining back the quality of life they seek through gentle detoxing, dietary supplements, esteem coaching, specialized self-care home-care routines and

customized in spa office treatments.

       Advanced Skin Care and Wellness

 Your skin can tell a story, it's my job to make sure it is telling a positive, balanced, enlightened and radiant one!

Book some time for self care and heal thy self.

Welcome to The Modern Hue !!

Welcome to Wellness, Health, then Beauty!


About the Business

The Modern Hue LLC, formally known as the Elegant Esthetics , is a tried and true professional skin care therapy practice.  This privately owned, upscale, business offers corrective facial treatments of many variety.  In addition to formal skin care, grooming wax services are offered, and makeup artistry and lashes are also on the menu.  The Modern Hue structures its treatments based on each person's individual skin care need(s), skin type, condition, expressed goals, and more. 

The Modern Hue is rooted in the ability to provide five star customer

service, stellar product selections, and classy professionalism.  The attention to detail as well as being able to customize services is what makes this skin care practice so special and sought out.  Clients enjoy how wellness awareness is infused with each esthetic enhancement service.  The Modern Hue is the next level of professional clinical spa skin care.  Have you ever had your very own personal Estetician to help your perfect your skin and overall wellness? Well now you can!

Career and Life

A golden seal graduate of Aesthetic Science Institute in Latham NY, and the International Dermal Institute in New York NY, Vanessa has worked with:

 Luxury Spas, MAC cosmetics, Origins cosmetics, Milady and Cengage publishing, Sally Beauty Co., American Laser Co., Austin School of Spa Technology, European Wax Center, and Ulta Beauty Inc.  Found in standard to advanced estheticsand massage national text books and instructional films, Vanessa is likely to be your Estheticians favorite Esthetician.  She is among the many pioneers to create/teach

certificed state esthetic standards.