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Courtney, HR Specialist

Vanessa is a natural healer of all things skin. She is simply wonderful.
I came to her when my face was full of acne and she helped me with

my lifestyle choices that have to do with my overall skin & body health... Expect a thorough consultation about your needs or whatever you are seeking. What I like most about The Modern Hue is Vanessa genuinely cares about you and your skin health. She is more than an Esthetician and goes above and beyond her duties to deliver the best care. I continue to use Vanessa for all my waxing, skincare and wellness needs because she delivers the best service that ACTUALLY works. She is gentle hearted and very knowledgeable about the world of skin. She has helped me with ingrown hairs to facial treatments. Vanessa does it all and is wonderful.  I highly recommend

The Modern Hue.   

Sophia, Account Management

The first thing that stood out to me about Vanessa was how quickly I was comfortable around her. She has such a good, kind spirit you can’t help but feel at ease around her! She is very patient and extremely detailed when it comes to treatments. She doesn’t rush you into anything and really makes sure you are comfortable with what her plans are for your skin. Very insightful and resourceful! She is someone you can TRUST. This is hard to come by nowadays with estheticians who are just trying to take your money and not truly care about you or your skin! Vanessa really cares about you and your skin care needs. I really can’t rave about her enough, she is by far the best Esthetician I have ever come by!